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Frequently Asked Questions About Area Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions About Area Rugs

Most people have a few questions when they shop for area rugs. To start your shopping off right, we’ve collected the most-asked questions here, along with their basic answers.

Q. What size rug do I need in my living room?

A. A large rug is generally recommended when all the furniture is contained within the rug area. Using a size (such as 9’ x 12’ or 8’ x 11’) that allows a border of flooring to show symmetrically on all sides is an attractive look. Smaller rugs (5’ x 8’, for example) are often used to define a conversation area.

Q. Do I need a round rug with a round table?

A. A round rug is suitable as long as it is large enough to accommodate the chairs. If you often add leaves to the table, a rectangle is the better choice.

Q. I love Oriental rugs, but have contemporary furniture. Will they work together?

A. Rugs are versatile, in that designs can cross decorating styles. Just make sure they coordinate with the room’s color scheme and patterns.

Q. I have a lot of pattern in my room. Do I need a plain rug?

A. Not necessarily. But you should coordinate the color palette and balance the size and scale of the rug design with other fabrics used in the room. When mixing patterns, try to equalize the large, the medium, and the small. If the sofa fabric is a large print, go with a smaller-scale geometric or striped rug. A large-scale rug design can provide a much-needed focal point in a room filled with small- to medium-scale patterns.

Q. How can I make a dramatic statement with a rug in my home’s entryway?

A. Choose a round or square design that conveys your style to everyone who walks in the door. The rug should cover a large portion of the area, allowing at least an 18” to 24” border of floor to frame it. You might also use coordinating rugs in adjacent rooms or other areas of your home.

Q. Can I put a rug over carpet?

A. Rugs on carpet create a rich, layered effect and break the monotony of large, solid-color carpet areas. As they do on any floor, rugs on carpet can define a conversation area or provide a spark of color.

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